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River Yantra and river Danube kayaking trip, Bulgaria - PEER PADDLE

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This is a chance to embark on a trip down Yantra and Danube rivers in Bulgaria. The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, crossing 10 countries. It forms the border between Bulgaria and Romania and in this area, it is relatively wild with a lot of protected territories and abundant wildlife and birds. 

The trip is not in any way luxurious. The aim is to enjoy nature, the passion for travel and adventure and the joy of the outdoors. 

The river trip is planned as a totally relaxing experience. There are no elements of white-water kayaking. You will be properly instructed and led by experienced guides and you will be provided with a BA. 

During the trip we will see some beautiful natural sites and we might get a chance to visit some cultural and historical places. 

The following program is to illustrate how the trip is planned, but all the details and schedules can be changed and revised due to current water levels of the rivers, safety reasons, extreme weather or other reasons beyond the organiser’s control.

Day 1 

Arrival at Sofia Airport. Pick-up and transfer to Belyanovo village, near Rousse (approx. 160 miles, 3:30 hrs). 

Welcome dinner. 

We spend the next 4 nights in a typical cosy house in a very quiet and low-key village. 

Days 2 – 4 

In the next 3 days we will paddle down Yantra river. 

The routes are 20 – 38 km (12 – 24 miles) per day, approx. 4–6-hour trips. 

The exact start and finish points for each day will be determined depending on river levels and the weather. 

Each morning we will start with tea, coffee and breakfast in the house. We will have a transfer to the starting point.

If there is such an option, we will get lunch somewhere along the way. If not, we could prepare a small packed lunch in the morning. 

After we are done with kayaking for the day, our vehicles will be waiting for us at the end point and they would take us back to our accommodation. 

There, we will enjoy dinner. We will have time and options for short walks in the area.

Days 5 – 6 

After we reach the river mouth of Yantra we will continue down the Danube river. 

As we enter the larger waterway, we will be in international waters and we will be taking some extra caution because some large ships may be passing us by. We will have a small support boat accompanying us, as is required to be kayaking on the Danube in this section.  

We will reach and pass the large town of Rousse, where we will sleep the next two nights. 

In Rousse we will be staying in a small family hotel. In the evenings, we will have time to explore the town centre and have dinner at some local pubs and restaurants. 

In the mornings we will have tea, coffee and breakfast at the hotel. Lunch will again depend on whether we pass some pubs, or we could pack our own lunch to go. 

Our kayaking trips will again be 20-40 km (12 – 25 miles) per day. To get to the starting points and to get back from the finish, we would be taking vehicle transfers, which will be private and prearranged. 

Day 7

We will transfer to Sofia Airport for our flight back home. (approx. 200 miles, 4 hours)


The village houses in Belyanovo have a capacity of up to 15 people. 

The rooms are for 2 or 3 and the bathrooms are shared. Hot showers are available. 

We will be dining and gathering mostly on the patio in the garden. 

In Rousse, we will be staying in a family hotel near the centre of the town. Everything will be in a walking distance – pubs, shops, parks, some sight-seeing. 

The costs are calculated on a basis of sharing a room with one or two other participants. If someone requires a single occupancy room, that would be at an extra cost – approx. £100. 


In Belyanovo, the hosts will provide us home-made dishes. We will be able to try some local cuisine, as well as international dishes. For the dinners there will be soups, salads with fresh vegetables, grilled and baked meats, garnishes, fruits. 

For breakfasts there will be tea, coffee, eggs, toast, local honey, some cheeses, fresh milk, yoghurt. Some days there may be some local favourites to try: banitsa (fine doe and cheese pie), French toast, etc. 

Lunches: bottled water and small packed food items will be provided for the kayaking trips. Those will include a club sandwich, tortilla wrap or some baked goods, a fruit, some prepacked snacks. Feel free to bring other snacks as per your tastes and diet.  

If anyone has allergies, dietary requirements, or suggestions, these will need to be shared in advance. 

What the trip package will it cost per person: £450

What is included in that amount:

• All accommodation: 4 nights in a village house in Belyanovo, 2 nights in a family hotel in Rousse, all taxes included; 

• All transfers;

• All specialized equipment: tandem (2-seat) tourist kayaks, paddles, BA’s;

• Local guides;

• 4 breakfasts in Belyanovo village;

• 4 dinners in Belyanovo village;

• 5 packed lunches;

• 2 breakfasts in Rousse;

• Permits for the Danube trip; 

• Compulsory assistance boat for the Danube trip;

What do you need to provide for yourselves + extra costs:

• Airplane tickets to and from Sofia, Bulgaria as follow:

To Sofia - FR1730, Wed, 03 Apr 24

Departure time - 07:05 - Arrival time - 12:10

(STN) - (SOF)

To London (Stansted) FR2691 - Tue, 09 Apr 24

Departure time - 17:40 - Arrival time - 18:55

(SOF) - (STN)

• Valid personal travel documents;

• Travel and health insurance;

• 2 dinners in Rousse – restaurants or pubs;

• Personal luggage and equipment;

• Sunscreen lotion, bathing suit, slippers, insect repellent, etc. 


We can take a drive about half an hour to the cultural and historical reserve near Ruse, by the Rusenski Lom river. There we visit some rock-hewn churches and monasteries, including the Ivanovo monastery, which is under UNESCO World Heritage protection. Then we visit the Orlova Chuka cave, that is nicely lit and oversees the beautiful gorge of the river. We take a short lunch and then we head to the Castle of Cherven, where we can see some medieval remains and archaeological finds. 


All our trips are run by club members like you, and unless specifically described otherwise, they are peer paddles.

If you think that you would benefit from the support of a formal river leader or coach, please contact the trip organiser in advance - we can usually arrange something! Otherwise you should be confident that your own ability matches the trip as planned.

If your trip is being led by someone, a more experienced paddler, river leader, or a coach - it is your responsibility to mention any medical or other issues which may arise during the trip.

Peer paddle
11 max spaces
3rd Apr, 9:43AM - 9th Apr, 10:43AM
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  • Georgi Delchev

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