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French Alps Whitewater Trip

Whitewater trip to French Alps, camping in Vallouise.

We'll be paddling some grade 3 & grade 4 rivers, depending on levels & group. It's possible not everyone will paddle every river, but everyone will be able to paddle every day.

Please see whitewater mailing list for details.


All our trips are run by club members like you, and unless specifically described otherwise, they are peer paddles.

If you think that you would benefit from the support of a formal river leader or coach, please contact the trip organiser in advance - we can usually arrange something! Otherwise you should be confident that your own ability matches the trip as planned.

If your trip is being led by someone, a more experienced paddler, river leader, or a coach - it is your responsibility to mention any medical or other issues which may arise during the trip.

Peer paddle
Vallouise, French Alpes
Members only
  • Mark Corti

Peer paddle bookings are temporarily disabled. Please contact the event organiser to arrange bookings.