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As you may or may not have known were having our annual general meeting on 15th March, As a commitee we take the opportunity every year to change the commitee up to keep the fresh and new ideas coming in.

Specifically were looking for someone to step in as Chairperson and someone to step in as Secretary, but maybe you fancy taking on youth rep or racing bosun? We would love to welcome new members into the commitee and hear your fresh ideas.secretary@maidstonecanoeclub.net

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Keys Update

Thanks for your patience with the club keys, hopefully now we have future proofed the club locks so if we have any failures or need new locks we won’t have to have all the keys replaced. We now have specific pinned locks that we can order in when required from a UK manufacturer. Our Paxton system (magnetic locks) means we can control each door and members access, enabling us to have far better control over the club.
If you could just play your part by NOT cutting your own keys as duplicates can damage the locks eventually. Report any lock failure or difficulty opening the doors. 
We have over 200 keys in circulation and the main club door is locked on multiple occasions on a daily basis. All our keys are either cut from a master or direct from the manufacturer. You may have noticed the new keys are uniquely marked helping us keep better control over them. 
There is currently a spare key hanging upon the old GP boat store in case you haven’t picked up your new key. This won’t be a permanent fixture so make sure you have a new key soon.
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