What To Wear

Kayaking on the Medway doesn't need a lot of expensive kit - at least in the summer!  This page is aimed at people getting on the water for the first time, probably on one of our beginner courses.  It's not aimed at kayakers looking for advice on the best kit to buy - if you're already a paddler and want to buy your own kayaking kit, then become a member and come down for a chat and some friendly advice.

Dress for the weather.  We'll be outside, obviously, so if it's a chilly day in April you'll dress differently to a sunny day in August.  Everything you wear will at least get dripped on, and might get very wet indeed!  Man-made materials are generally better than natural ones as they dry faster and remain warm when wet.  Some suggestions include:

 Bottem Half:

  • shorts
  • leggings
  • walking trousers
  • wetsuit / neoprene bottoms(not required, but OK if you have one)
  • NOT OK: jeans.  They chafe dreadfully when damp and are really heavy when wet.
  • NOT OK: Suits.  Skirts.  Pantomime horse costume.

 Top Half:

  • gym top
  • t shirt
  • rash vest
  • wetsuit (not required, but OK if you have one)
  • thin fleece (depending on weather)
  • thin waterproof, e.g. pac-a-mac.  These are great to keep the wind off.  (depending on weather)
  • hat (depending on weather).  Sometimes to keep the heat off; sometimes to keep the heat in!
  • NOT OK: thick winter coats  
  • NOT OK: cotton sweatshirts


  • beach shoes / sandals
  • old trainers
  • wetsuit booties
  • flip-flops / crocs (although these are not ideal as they float away if you fall in!)
  • NOT OK: school shoes
  • NOT OK: wellington boots
  • NOT OK: workboots.  Stilettos.  DMs.

 Anything Else?

  • change of clothes.  Everything you wear on the water will get damp as a minimum.
  • towel.  See above.
  • sun cream (depending on weather)
  • drink (depending on weather, and how long your course / trip lasts for)
  • packed lunch (depending on how long your course lasts for - it will be listed on your course / trip details page if you need lunch)
  • sense of adventure.  NOTE: this is more important than all the rest put together!


Hopefully this has given you a good idea of what to wear.  You won't need to buy anything new - whatever you have in your wardrobe will be fine!  If you've still got questions, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.


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